Thanks to a Japanese Perfumery, You Can Now Make Everything Smell Like…Cats?

  • One of the joys of having a cat is that you will always be able to smell the heavenly scent of the back of a cat’s head. It’s not that I own a cat how I know about this, but apparently a Japanese company produced a fabric spray that smells exactly like the back of a cat’s head, so I would think it is one of the favorite scents of many a cat lover. The product is called Mohu Mohu Odeko, Odeko no Kaori (which means forehead scent), and this unique product is affordably priced at 1200 yen a bottle.

    You can click here if you are interested in ordering one (only available for delivery in Japan).
    *This product is not available.

    What On Earth is This?


    Yamamoto-san of Yamamoto Perfumery spent four months researching before he developed this product. One of his research methods is to visit various cat cafes, and smelling the back of the heads of various cats.

    The product’s intended usage is for fabric, so it is not recommended to spray this on pets or people. So, unfortunately, you can’t spray this on your cat to make it smell more like a cat! Unless your cat is wearing clothes, then it would be a different story as you could spray the product on the clothes and amplify the delicious cat smell.

    The fabric spray can even be sprayed on your pillows and soft toys to lull you to sleep. But what the non-cat owners will be wondering now is what it really smells like. Some reviewers claimed that it smells like a futon that has dried under the sun while others said that it smells like freshly baked bread.


    But Wait, There is More!


    If you are not much into the smell of a cat’s head, you could try the Puni Puni Nikukyu Hand Cream instead, which smells like cats’ paws! Users have mentioned that the smell is comparable to burnt caramel or freshly boiled edamame, but most users claimed that it smells like fragrant popcorn. I am amazed by these revelations as I thought that it would smell more like cat poop as cats are known to bury their poop using their paws. The hand cream would set you back 1050 yen.

    Although you might expect otherwise, the products are said to smell decent like baked bread or popcorn so they should not smell offensive to most people. Out of the two, I would go for the hand cream because at least it can be used for moisturizing my hands. I would not want to purposely make anything smell remotely similar to cats, so the spray would not be a top choice for me, but to each his own! I wonder what the next product by this company is going to be, I can’t wait to find out. The creativity of some Japanese companies never ceases to amaze me…

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