Adults Can Get In On the Japanese School Bag Fun with Otona Randsel!

  • Whether in real life or in anime, randsels have become a noticeable item that caught the attention of many people within or outside of Japan. If you don’t have any idea what a randsel is, it’s the Japanese backpack that elementary school children in Japan wear when they go to school.

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    Randoseru Popularity

    otona randsel kids

    Now I guess you remember what it looks like by now. Randsels or pronounced as ランドセル(Randoseru) in Japanese have become quite popular for a couple of reasons like its design, usage and, cuteness to the point of some adults wanting to buy and use it!

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    Now there’s no problem with wanting to use one of these handy backpacks at all except for the fact that you may attract quite a few couple of glances if you were to wear the randoseru in Japan. The reason being that it is primarily for grade school students. For those of you who really do want to wear a randoseru that much, there’s now a solution for that!

    Otona Randsel

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    The Otona Randsel is a backpack that you can finally wear without having to bet embarrassed about in Japan. Tsuchiya Kunio, the mastermind behind the Otona Randsel, has established a career in leather works and with decades of experience, first released it in November 2015 and sold all of his products in just one day! It became that popular!

    otona randsel laptop

    The Otona Randsel as it uses the word “otona” which means “adult”, specifically portrays its purpose and target market. Both available in brown and black leather, the Otona Randsel is a unisex backpack that has a laptop compartment and also space for your important documents. Randoseru have been a test of both time and craftsmanship because it is made with the purpose to last. This is proven by the randoseru used by children, most of whom use the same backpack until they graduate from elementary school.

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    The Otona Randsel at first glance is very stylish and fits the adult image. The only setback that may prevent you from purchasing one might be its price of ¥100,000. But if you do buy one, then it’s surely a good bag investment that will last! The Otona Randsel will once again be sold and aim to start reservation in January 2018., and can be purchased at both the store and online, so make sure you grab one while they’re still in stock!

    Otona Randsel Online Shop (Japanese only)