4 BEST areas for all international drinkers in Tokyo!

  • If you love drinking alcohol,it’s totally obvious that you start to love drinking life in Tokyo.Usually,Tokyo is famous city which is really expensive.But if you get in one deeper street from main street,you can find that there are lots of great and unique pubs and restaurants which only local people know.
    So Here’s best area for drinkers who want to feel and discover real drinking life in Tokyo.

    1. Nakameguro


    Nakameguro is quite fashionable and creative area.There are lots of fancy apparel shops and cool bars and cafes.So this area is really famous for young people who like fashion and design stuff.
    If you go to a pub at this area,you can meet a lot of fashionable people like hairdressers or staff of apparel brand.Also the restraints of this area has may different of high-quality food,but not quite expensive.This means you can taste really good food with great drinks at fancy place.

    2. Shinbashi


    Instead of Nakameguro,this area is hot spot for business people like waring suits,although usually famous for old business people.If you get there,you can see lots of funny and drunk old dudes.They’re going to be really friendly so maybe you can become friends with them even if they can’t speak english.

    3. Tsukishima


    This area is totally unique in Tokyo.Because in this area,there’re over 60 “Monja-yaki”restaurants inside one or two blocks.Especially at the main road of Tsukishima,you can fine them every 5 meters and this is the only area like this in Tokyo.Monja-yaki is perfectly fitted with beer,so if you are beer drinker,must go there.

    4. Shinjuku


    I think Shinjuku is one of the most famous area in Tokyo for tourists.This area has almost everything,not only restaurants or cafes but also from electrical store to luxury department.There’re over 1000 pubs and restaurants,so you can find anything you want to do.

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