A Macho Twist to a New Year Tradition: Macho Mochi Night!

  • Happy New Year to all the ladies out there! They’re officially back! From the people who brought us the ever so glorious Macho Cafe – a cafe serving great cuts of meat from a revolving roster of a dozen muscular and often shirtless waiters. The success of the cafe was subsequently followed up with their boy band music group “macho 29” with their hit single “Viva Macho”, because why not? They have their seasonal offerings, including the kakigori craze that started it all off in the summer. Now comes the macho men’s latest iteration – the Macho Mochi Man!


    For those lucky enough to be around Tokyo this January, make sure to leave the date of January 8, 2016 free. Talk about a New Year’s treat! For a low fee of 2500 yen at the door (though you can get a discount price of 2000 yen if you buy in advance), one can marvel at these muscular beauties flexing their biceps at doing what? Making Mochi!



    Yes! For the uninitiated, making mochi is quite a labor-intensive, albeit simple process. It involves taking cooked, soaked rice and placing it into a large mortar then pounding it to death until it has become the beloved smooth and chewy treat. It’s usually a two person process with one person pounding the rice as the other turns the mortar, keeping the rice moist. Both people take turns at pounding the mochi so as not to tire out easily. Seems like the perfect job for our macho mochi muscle men!

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    The so-called “Macho Mochi Night” however takes this a step further. Held at Cafe x Lounge Microcosmos in Shibuya, (a well-known hangout that is a cafe by day and in cases like this, club by night), they take this age-old tradition of mochitsuki and pair it up with heart pounding beats provided by DJs! A match made in heaven.

    Starting at midnight on the aforementioned date and ending at 5 am the following Saturday morning, this is a great, updated way of enjoying a local tradition. Pairing sweets with eye candy. What an amazing way to start the new year!


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