Buy and Learn About Beautiful Handmade Cutlery at Kamata Hakensha

  • Are you looking to expand your collection of kitchen supplies? Or perhaps you have a chef friend or relative in need of a beautiful and useful gift. Why not buy something that will last a lifetime such as a knife from Kamata Hakensha? The shop consists of more than 800 types of beautifully hand-made knives. It also offers knives for every budget and every situation. Let’s check the place out.

    The History


    Kamata Hakensha is a family business which was established in 1923. It started in Asakusa as a knife and scissors sharpening shop and has extended internationally due to the passion, persistence and professionalism involved in the making of their products. Thus, Kamata Hakensha became popularly known for its top-class knives.

    In addition to buying what you need, you can actually get free services with the knives you’ve purchased such as “hand-engraving” where you can engrave your name on the knife. Another is the “sharpening of the kitchen knife” which will definitely restore the knives normal condition right away. However, in the case of special materials, additional fees may apply.


    The School


    Kamata offers basic and advanced training classes. The basic class will give you the knowledge of knives and the sharpening stone. Challenges involve sharpening dull and damaged knives. Upon completion, a certificate will be given for recognition purposes. Classes are held from 11 am until noon with a maximum capacity of 10 people per class.

    The advanced class starts with the knowledge of sharpening kitchen knives obtained in the beginner’s class. However, classes are conducted with fewer students for the purpose of individual attention. Upon completion, a certificate from the All Japan Cutlery Sharpening Inspection Institute will be given for recognition purposes. Classes are from 2 pm to 3 pm with a maximum capacity of 5 people per class.

    Kamata Hakensha is located in Matsugaya Taito-ku, Tokyo about 8 minutes from Asakusa Station. They are open daily, except on Sundays, from 10 am to 6 pm.

    Hurry now, grab the best gift for your mother, father or chef friend at Kamata. Surely, they will adore the exceptional quality of the knives.

    Kamata Hakensha’s English Website

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