3 must-do’s in Enoshima, a short trip from Tokyo

  • For those of you who are living in Tokyo and don’t have much time to treat themselves to a long trip, there is option that will brighten weekend and become one of precious travelling memories. It’s a lovely natural island, located in the country side area of Japan. Regardless of appearance of clear sky and cozy countryside views, it’s only about hour and half from such huge city centres as Shibuya.

    Things to do at Enoshima are as follows;


    Enoshima has a variety of attractions to offer, and one of them would be amazingly beautiful view of setting sun that unfolds before your eyes while you are standing on the coastline. Enoshima is very small in size, and infact in one day you could walk around it from one end to another, so when the sun is setting down you can see endless sky and its reflection on the waves of sea which makes for gorgeous view.

    Explore quaint streets and traditional shrines

    Enoshima is great for laid back walks, and they do promise lots of lovely and cute discoveries. Little shops, souvenirs,food carts…lots of stairs that lead to shrines that hide in the green leaves. There is also installed escalator for people who are tired of climbing or senior people to make walking around this island even more comfortable. Also, being an island Enoshima offers maybe not the cheapest, but definitely one of the best sea food meals. As for other attractions, it has two parks and one of them is usually illuminated in winter time and has amazing sea view, there is observation tower and garden around it.
    This island is surrounded with beach areas, so you can enjoy various views in winter and swimming in summer.

    All flavors of ice cream

    One of the the most uncommon things you can do at Enoshima is to try all sorts of unusual ice cream. There is tomato ice cream, black sesame flavor ice cream, ice cream of black colour which is made out of bamboo coal (tea flavor),wasabi flavor, salt and milk flavor, and even ice cream that has “Shirasu” (young sardines, eel) flavor, which might not be too appealing but is definitely an interesting thing to try. You can get it for relatively cheap price (350 yen), and since it gained popularity between foreigners, along with Japanese explanations there comes English translation as well so you will be sure of what are you getting.

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