Want to Look Like One Punch Man? Here’s Your Chance!

  • One Punch Man’s superhero, Saitama is unlike many superheroes due to his appearance. He is bald due to training too hard to the point of pushing his limits. He also has a plain expression on his face most of the time which is probably because he is unimpressed by the strength of most people. To combat the cold winter and to easily pull off Saitama’s plain expression, Ensky Hobby (an anime merchandiser) brought out this Saitama knit hat.

    Some Options for the Hat

    You can wear this knit hat as a beanie and when you want to look like Saitama, just pull the beanie down. Unfortunately, there are no breathing holes in the beanie, so you would not be able to wear the beanie pulled-down over your face for long, so wearing it to cosplay as Saitama is a no-no unless you only wear it temporarily to take photos with it. But then, who is to say that you cannot create your own breathing holes?

    If you do not want to potentially ruin the beanie by cutting breathing holes, you can take advantage of the beanie’s drawback by parodying on Saitama’s changing facial expression. In a relaxed state, pull the beanie down. When you turn serious, pull the beanie up to reveal your serious expression as Saitama is known to no longer retain a plain expression when he gets serious.


    I think this Saitama beanie hat looks quite a lot like Stewie from the Family Guy series.

    Many fans seem to want a Genos knit hat. I would totally prefer a Genos version as he is my favorite character in the One Punch Man series! Where would you wear this Saitama knit hat if you had one? Are there any other characters whose hat you would like to see?

    You can purchase this beanie for 3,258 yen here.

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