3 Unique Attractions in Yashima, Takamatsu’s Lava Plateau

  • In the suburban area of Takamatsu city lies a flat-topped mountain popularly known as Yashima. It literally means “roof island.” This flat summit offers many attractions related to the mountain’s history as a battleground. It used to be the site of an important 12th century battle in Japan. It also offers spectacular views. Here are some of the worthwhile attractions you can see in the area.

    Yashima Temple


    Yashima is a Shingon temple, which is a type of Buddhist temple in Japan. It is also known as Yashima-ji Temple and is considered to be the 84th of the 88th temples on the Shikoku Pilgrimage. It was founded as a Ritsu school temple by a Chinese monk, Ganjin. There are some things here which are considered as Important Cultural Properties of Japan such as the Heian period wooden seated statue of Senju Kannon and the temple bell. Apart from the number of buildings, the temple has a modern museum dedicated to Yashima’s history.

    New Yashima Aquarium

    A small aquarium called “New Yashima Aquarium” is located near the temple which is just a few minutes’ walk. Here, you can have a close encounter with different creatures of the sea such as the legendary “mermaids” (whom you might be more familiar with by their usual name “American manatee”). You can also watch live performances of dolphins and seals as well as spend a fun-filled day with family and friends.

    Shikoku Mura


    Shikoku Mura is an open-air museum located at the base of Yashima. This is a park, which opened in 1976, is adorned by traditional buildings and structures which have been relocated from Shikoku Island. It houses more than 20 buildings which date back to the Edo period and up through the Taisho period. Some of these are farmhouses and storehouses. Two of the Important Cultural Properties are processing and production factories for soy sauce and sugar.

    Shikoku Mura has a small art gallery featuring paintings and sculptures by contemporary artists all over the world. It is a nice place for art lovers who want to know more about art history. The gallery doesn’t only provide art but also live performances and special events from time to time.

    These attractions are located within a reasonable distance from each other around the small area. This is a fun way to stroll around while falling in love with Yashima’s history.

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