Instant Cup Noodles By Nissin: Welcome to Japan

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  • Japan is the home for many authentic ramens from the “shoyu” ramen to the “tonkotsu” ramen, passing by the “shio” one. In fact, one of the reasons people visit Japan is thanks to its rich ramen culture and history. As if it was not enough, Japan also has a wide selection of instant noodles. One of which is the instant Cup Noodles by “Nissin”.

    What is Nissin?

    Nissin is a Japanese company which invented its own instant cup noodles that are now sold all over the world. Because of its fame and amazing taste, foreigners who know the product always opt for Nissin when it comes to buy instant noodles.

    The Most Popular Flavor

    The most popular flavor not just in Japan, but all over the world, is the “SeaFood” one. Aside from being rich and tasty, it is packed with yasai (vegetables) and meat to add more texture to your ramen experience.

    Cheese Curry

    If you have an adventurous palate, the “Cheese Curry” flavor it’s somehow interesting. Curry trends depend on the country, but don’t worry, this flavor birngs all curry lovers together and will undoubtedly satisfy your hunger.


    For those who like it safe, the “Beef” flavor will be a satisfying snack. This is the favorite flavor among western people. Corn, vegetables and chewy bits of dried beef add a wonderful taste to the noodles.

    Chili Tomato

    “Chili Tomato” Flavor is the number one according to the Asian foreigners. It definitely warms us during Japan’s cold seasons. Though it is not that spicy as we could expect from a Chili flavor, its rich tomato taste and bits of meat and vegetables make it no less delicious.

    Cup noodles have always been the best choice of a hearty snack, especially when you are on a road or in a bus stop going to your next destination in Japan. Aside from quickly satisfying your hunger, it is portable and very convenient to eat on the go. Just make sure you only have it as an emergency snack and not as a meal basis when traveling. You wouldn’t want to miss the authentic Japanese Ramen dishes. Furthermore, I doubt having instant noodles on a regular basis is beneficial for your health!

    *Featured Image: Nissin Cup Noodles