Strawberry Week Is Coming: Enjoy Strawberries From Across Japan with These Sweets!

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  • The love for strawberries in Japan might be more than average compared to other countries. Wherever you go, there is sure to be at least one shop that has a serving of something strawberry related. Strawberries in Japan are actually available all throughout the year thanks to greenhouses.

    strawberry week basket

    Young and old, men or women, strawberries are loved by many. And because of that, there is one shop that showcases a number of the beloved regional strawberries in their products for the people to enjoy through the Strawberry Week event!

    Qu’il Fait Bon

    Now before introducing the event, it would be proper to first introduce the shop behind it. Qu’il Fait Bon is a shop that features cakes through Japan’s four seasons uses different ingredients for each of it. Qu’il Fait Bon has an array of cakes and tarts for everyone and especially treats features strawberries!

    Strawberry Week 2016

    strawberry week menu

    Now on to the event! Strawberry Week is quite a special event because it only happens once a year. But in contrast to that, the line up of products that you can purchase here is something that you won’t find anywhere else.

    strawberry week white

    In Japan, there is a regional variety of a certain product and strawberries are one of those. During Strawberry Week, you will get to see Chiba’s black strawberry tart or even Shizuoka’s beni hoppe strawberry and even the especially cute white strawberry!

    What’s New This 2016?

    strawberry week tart (2)

    For this year, Qu’il Fait Bon will feature a new product that will surely capture the attention of visitors. The strawberry and orange serial tart is a vibrant addition for this year’s Strawberry Week line up! The event will be from the 21st of January until the 27th, and you can purchase slices of their selections or whole cakes and tarts!

    Not only will you be able to enjoy Qu’il Fait Bon’s products but you’ll also be able to appreciate Japan’s love for strawberries! Strawberry Week is a once in a year event that you wouldn’t want to miss so drop by one of Qu’il Fait Bon’s branches while you can!

    Qu’il Fail Bon’s Strawberry Week page (Japanese only)

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