Change Up Your Beauty Routine with These Entertaining Japanese Sheet Masks!

  • Do you love pampering yourself with a sheet mask? Depending on the individual, it either feels like pampering or feels like a chore. Whether you love sheet masks or not, Isshin Do’s masks will make your sheet mask experience more enjoyable!



    Isshin Do produces masks which are creative and fun to use. One of the company’s earliest creative masks are the kabuki masks such as these red and blue ones which are inspired by Kabuki classics, Shibaraku and Funa Benkei. Due to the popularity of these masks which garnered the company the 2014 Good Design Award, they have expanded their designs and created more masks variations.



    These animal masks are very popular, and Korean skincare companies such as SNP and Berrisom produce animal masks which proved to be very well-received in South Korea too – even among celebrities!

    Comic Book Heroes


    For fans of American comic book heroes, Isshin Do also came out with these Captain America and Ironman masks which look very close to the real thing!

    Japanese Anime and Manga Characters

    Since there are masks based on American cartoon heroes, there are of course masks based on Japanese manga or anime characters as well! For instance, there is a face mask based on the titans in the Attack on Titan series. I think this Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) face mask is so interesting. It will make you look grumpy and serious. And of course, there is no way the company would neglect a classic series and character like Doraemon! Even the bell design is included which I think is meant to dangle on your chin.

    Rock Bands

    There are also masks based on KISS, an American hard rock band which is also well known for their face paint.

    I bought some animal masks while I was in South Korea as animal masks are all the rage there. I am astounded to know that Japan produces many more varieties of face masks which are not only limited to animal designs! For those who want a very cheap solution for cosplays and Halloween, you could potentially use these masks too. You just might want to moisten the mask every now and then!

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