Discover Tottori: Mitokusan

  • When talking about travelling in Japan, you probably think of the metropolitan Tokyo or Osaka, don’t you?

    But how about Tottori (鳥取)?

    It is the least populated prefecture of Japan yet blessed with many natural wonders awaiting for adventurous people to discover them. This time, I’ll talk about Mitokusan (三徳山) in Kurayoshi, Tottori.

    Mount Mitokuan is home to several unique temples which are located at 900 meters above sea level. For this reason, visitors are generally required to be in a good physical shape in order to climb the rocks and stagger through the steep and sometimes muddy trails.

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    To get there, take a local bus fmor platform 3 of Kurayoshi station to Mitokusan Chushajo (三徳山駐車場). It is a 40-minute bus journey.

    Just a friendly reminder, please wear a pair of good, comfortable hiking shoes for your safety unless you wish to experience a toe-aching hike by wearing straw sandals of poorly cushioned shoes.

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    Visitors HAVE to be in pairs. Otherwise, you are required to randomly pair up with another single visitor to form a pair, provided that you are lucky on that day.

    The hike may be strenuous and physically demanding to some people. However, as soon as you reach at Monju-do (文殊堂), a sense of satisfaction will promptly take over your fatigue once you overlook the magnificent scene from this building.

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    My friend and I were resting at Monju-do (文殊堂) while enjoying the autumn scenery.

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    The greenish panorama of nature during summer recharged me with positive energy and added enthusiasm to my life.

    The hike comes to an end when you see Sanbutuji temple (三佛寺) which is located at a cliff which mystery people have not had unwrapped until now, as of how this temple was built back 1300 years ago.

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    “No pain, no gain”. So, are you ready to embrace the challenge of climbing Mitokusan?

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