Date Otherworldly Beings in Shall We Date?: Angel or Devil+

  • Shall we date?: Angel or Devil+ is a romantic fantasy simulation game with illustrations akin to shojo manga. It is available in the Apple app store and on Google Play. Like other games in the Shall We Date series, there are three endings: Sweet ending, Happy ending, and Super Happy ending.

    In the story, you found yourself in a hospital bed and get to know that you have been involved in a car accident. Three strange men appear in front of you and they are the ones who will bring you to the afterworld. With only a few days to live, with whom shall you spend most of your time?



    Latis is an angel, so if you want to go to heaven, you should follow him! His likes cleaning and anything beautiful. He dislikes demons the most. He is very disciplined and also possess a sharp tongue. He seems to know something about your past.



    If there is an angel, there must also be a devil! Diaval is the devil who tries to seduce you into joining the dark side. There are two sides to his personality: he is a hedonist but also a big brother who cares about his subordinates.



    So there is an angel and a devil, so who might the third character be? God? Nope, he’s actually a reaper. Ruvel dislikes both angels and devils but seems to dislike Diaval more than Latis. He is captivated by your beauty and wishes to spend time with you. He is not very expressive so nobody knows what he is thinking about.

    In addition to the original 3 characters, they are also 3 more characters added:



    Feyril is a decent angel who follows orders and discipline. However, his decent angel life seems to be crashing and neither devils nor reapers know what is happening to him.



    Raug is a devil who is loyal to his boss, the Devil King. To him, the end justifies the means. He was not interested in humans until he met you.



    Reiner is bright and positive, unlike Ruvel. He is so jolly that he does not seem like a reaper to you. He is sweet and gentle, but he seems to hide something behind his smile.

    Overall, this is not my favorite Shall We Date game but I think the art style is very attractive. What do you think? Will you give this game a try?

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