New (and Accidentally Funny) Pocky Boxes for Every Valentine’s Recipient

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  • Pocky, Japan’s beloved biscuit sticks dipped in flavors such as chocolate, strawberry and green tea, introduce 10 different packaging designs which will be available from 29 December 2015 until the end of February 2016. Actually, only the names have been revamped to have different meanings suitable for various occasions.

    For instance, there are Sukky and Giricky packagings which are meant for Valentine’s Day:

    Don’t get the wrong idea, as Sukky is actually a pun for suki which is used to tell someone you like them. Whether it is done on purpose or not, it seems to conjure all sorts of bad ideas in the English language. You may also wonder what Giricky means. It kind of sounds like garlic but the meaning is far from it. Giricky is based on the words ‘giri choco’ which are obligation chocolates that women give to men whom they have no romantic feelings for such as co-workers, bosses, and friends during Valentine’s Day in Japan.

    Other Pocky sticks based on love themes are the strawberry-flavored and heart-shaped sticks, Lovecky for love and Tomocky for ‘tomodachi’ which means friends.

    For your dear parents, you can give them the Pocky flavor called ‘otona no miruku’ which means adult milk. There are Papacky for dads and Mamacky for mums.

    To express gratitude and feelings of appreciation, there are Thanky which is obviously based on the words thank you, and Yorocky which is based on the word ‘yoroshiku’ that can be loosely translated as regards.

    The almond crush variety is available as Ganbacky which is short for ‘ganbatte’ or try your best, and Okaecky for ‘okaeshi’ which means a return gift (after someone has given you something).

    Which of these new 10 designs catch your interest? I kind of like Sukky because it could be a funny gift to give English speakers. If I gave it to my friends, they would probably think it was a poor imitation of the original Pocky sticks!

    Check out Pocky’s Japanese website for more!

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