Three Must-Do’s in Japan for newcomers

  • HOW TO
  • When traveling to another land, you always have a to-do list and number of places to visit that are authentic to the country, or and area you are visiting. Do not go with the crowd and settle for the tourist destinations, to take ‘selfies’ there, but try to immerse in Japanese culture. It will not just satisfy your curiosity but it will definitely add to your memorable travel experiences.For starters, here are the three things you must do when visiting in Japan.

    1. Try the Ryokan Hotels

    If you are planning on arranging a western accommodation when you are in the country, you might as well try the traditional Japanese inn, or ryokan. Sleeping on tatami mats would be refreshing since you will be surrounded by lush interior and Japanese antiquities. Aside from that, ryokan accommodations offer variety of local dishes straight from the local producers. Get a room in a remote area and enjoy the sweet scent of outdoors and nature.

    2. Soak in a Natural Spring Bath

    One of the most popular leisure activities in Japan is going to public baths houses. The water alone has calming effect, not to mention soaking in natural hot spring baths has health benefits as well. It boosts blood circulation and its natural mineral contents improve skin condition. In fact, for many centuries Japan’s natural spring bath have been used in treating ailments, relieving pains and as a therapy to help your sleep.
    For a more wonderful experience, try an outdoor bath with beautiful landscapes on the background as you’re soaking. The water will surely calm your body, while the scenery will calm your other senses.

    3. Visit Mt. Fuji

    The perfect cone shape of Mount Fuji should never be missed when visiting Japan. It is one of the most picturesque landmarks in entire country. Especially when the snow adds beauty to its already perfect grandeur, it is simply breathtaking.

    At the end

    Make sure you have done all of this when touring the country, because if not, then you will really have to come back. There is no way you can miss trying all those three since it is the basic must-do’s in Japan. Forget about shopping, forget about fashion and forget about the buzz in the city because you can always have that elsewhere. But these three things, only in the Land of the Rising Sun.