Check Out These Super Cute Travel Accessories!

  • Attention to all fans of anime series Sailor Moon, are there any hoarders of Sailor Moon-themed items? Then you will not be able to resist this charming and cute travel merchandise inspired by the Sailor Moon series. The travel items available are trolley bags, tote bags, and passport holders. Each type is available in 6 designs to represent each of the 6 main Sailor Guardians, these are Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Mercury!

    Trolley Suitcases


    One look at these beautiful trolley suitcases and any fan would know right away that it has been inspired by the Sailor Moon series! I personally think Sailor Mars is the most awesome character in the Sailor Moon series, but among these trolley suitcases the one based on the Sailor Moon outfit design takes the first place! The color scheme is just too pretty. They are not too cheap, though, each one sells for 23,000 yen (excluding tax).

    Inside the suitcase is a pretty baby pink lining which looks sweet and feminine. The zipper closures even contain the name of the planets or moons the Sailor Guardians represent. The bow is removable, but I would say to just leave it there! It looks prettier that way unless you have an even better-looking charm. The trolley suitcase is small enough to be brought into a plane cabin and fits into the overhead luggage compartments of airplanes.

    Tote Bags

    Besides the trolley suitcases, there are matching tote bags which retail at 6,800 yen each (excluding tax). The tote bags also have a slit which enables them to be fitted on the handles of a trolley suitcase. This is very useful for traveling, as you do not have to carry the tote bag separately so you will have one extra hand to carry something else!

    Passport Holders


    But that is not all, there are also matching passport holders which also feature pink inner linings, and one holder costs 2,900 yen (excluding tax). These passport holders are perfect if you just want a subtle product featuring a Sailor Moon design. They may look a little too large, but that is because you can fit many extra things in it, for example, business cards, boarding passes, money and a pen!

    Place your order soon if you are a true Sailor Moon fan! The products will definitely attract stares and admiration from other Sailor Moon fans. Now you can travel feeling like one of the pretty Sailor Guardians!

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