Enjoy Art and Nature Together at the Uniquely Beautiful Pola Museum of Art

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  • Pola Museum of Art was opened in 2002 by the Pola cosmetics group, a cosmetics company specializing in products related to skincare and fragrances. The main objective of the museum is to showcase about 9,500 works of art acquired by the former head of the Pola cosmetics group.


    Features of the Museum


    The museum is located in the Hakone area and thus, is surrounded by beautiful nature. Thus, it was built to ensure that it isn’t disturbing the environment of that area. There are several works of art by Japanese and European artists to appreciate such as modern and contemporary sculptures, ceramics, glassware and paintings. Some of these are just temporary exhibits.


    The museum also features popular artists such as Monet, Picasso, Cezanne and Renoir whose works are part of the rotating exhibits and also considered to be highlights of the museum’s collection.

    Nature Trail


    In addition to the beautiful artwork on display, a nature trail can also be enjoyed within the museum’s premises. This is an outdoor path which was opened in July 2013 and is adorned by a lush landscape of trees. It is one of those great places where you can enjoy and admire the different natural surroundings and the local animals such as birds. With a 670 meter-trail, the Nature Trail can take 30-40 minutes to walk.

    The museum maintains the natural forest by periodically removing non-native plants in order for the animals to survive. It is important to follow the trail and not go beyond as this is prohibited. Smoking and littering are definitely not allowed as well as collecting plants and insects within the premises. And also, you have to stay clear of poisonous snakes and bees. If you happen to find them, you have to contact the staff immediately.

    With an environment perfect for sightseeing, Pola Museum of Art will surely live up to your expectations. Visitors of all ages can enjoy this beautiful museum during any season.

    Pola Museum of Art

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