Visit Setagaya’s 430-Year-Old Fair, Setagaya-Boro-ichi!

  • A 430-year-old fair, Japan`s intangible cultural asset, a huge shopper`s paradise and a crowd of more than two hundred thousand visitors; this is the biannually held Setagaya Boroichi Flea Market. Stroll around 700 shops selling a variety of wares and get the best out of it on January 15 – 16, 2016.



    Setagaya is one of the special and densely populated wards of Tokyo. Boroichi-dori is one of the streets in Setagaya which centers on the Setagaya Daikin Yashiki, the old local magistrate’s residence. ‘Boroichi’ roughly translates into ‘rag market’ in English as fabric scraps were one of the most traded items in the past here. To visit, one must hop on a train and get out at Setagaya station on the Setagaya Line. Boroichi passes through between Setagaya and Kamimachi stations. The market is open from 9 am to 9 pm with different kinds of exhibits including food stalls for you to have a nice, leisurely time. The admission to the market is free and the event is marked by fascinating fireworks in the evening.



    The market is huge and has a lot of things to offer you. Almost two hundred thousand visitors stroll around the vast market of approximately 700 vendors selling things like food, toys, accessories, antiques, artifacts, kimonos, second-hand goods, knick-knacks and many more. One can find stuff for your apartment like small household items and so on at this market. It is an enormous market and it has got something for everyone. Since it is a popular place, expect some crowding at the stalls.


    A popular dish you can find here is the Daikan Mochi rice cakes, and if you were hoping to try some, try not to get too tired as you may be waiting an hour in hour in line at the stall.

    It is a biannual fair and it is one of the most highlighted events in Setagaya’s event calendar.

    Spend an amazing evening strolling around the flea market and have a nice time. You can take a lot of interesting pictures too at this oldest and largest flea market of Japan`s capital, Tokyo.

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