Transform Your Beauty Routine with These Sailor Moon Cosmetics!

  • Premium Bandai has collaborated with the cosmetics company, Creer Beaute to create these two compact face powders and one compact blusher based on Sailor Moon’s transformation items. These cosmetic products are recommended for ages 15 and above. Each one of them has a puff and a mirror inside. Even non-fans of Sailor Moon will want to own the products because of the adorably pretty designs! They are even prettier than the ones illustrated in the anime series.

    Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Powder

    This makeup powder sells for 4093 yen including tax. Its design is based on Sailor Moon’s Transformation Brooch which is the first magical item Usagi uses to transform into a Sailor Guardian. The compact is decorated with 5 stones of different colors. In the Sailor Moon series, the brooch breaks and is then replaced with a new transformation item.

    Sailor Moon R Miracle Romance Moon Shining Powder Premium

    This compact powder is based on the design of the Crystal Star which is Sailor Moon’s second transformation item that is stronger than the first one. There is a star-shaped design on the compact which is surrounded by 5 different colored stones. The price is 4536 yen including tax .

    Sailor Moon S Miracle Romance Cosmic Heart Cheek

    The Cosmic Heart Compact is Sailor Moon’s third transformation item. This compact blusher powder retails at 4212 yen including tax. It has 7 stones of different colors and a heart-shaped design which gives the compact a luxurious look. The compact is refillable and gives the skin a natural pink blush. It is formulated with beneficial skincare ingredients such as collagen, ceramide, and hyaluronic acid.

    Since there are more transformation items in the Sailor Moon series, we can expect to see more designs of Sailor Moon makeup powders to be produced in the future! While it may not instantly transform you into a Sailor Guardian with pretty costumes and makeup, at least, some of the latter part can be achieved as the face powder and blusher will make your skin look flawless and smooth with rosy cheeks. In the name of the moon, these makeup products will make you look more beautiful!

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