The cutest traditional sweets ever!

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  • Do you know Wagashi? Wagashi is a Japanese traditional sweet. However, it’s not just sweets. I think that they are art! I’ll introduce you the cutest Wagashi and the stores that you can get them at! Let’s take a look at the most beautiful Wagashi. After reading this article you will crave them!!!

    Yatsuhashi by Nikiniki

    Yatsuhashi is a traditional sweet from Kyoto, Japan. Yatsuhashi is made from glutinous rice flour, sugar and cinnamon. There are many various Yatsuhashi shops in Kyoto, but in Nikiniki, you can find very unique ones. The Yatsuhashi in Nikiniki are relly cute and colorful! Can you imagine that the white bear from the photo is just a sweet? But it’s not about just a white bear, you can find many flowers and other animals! Make sure to get them!

    Price: ~900 yen
    By Nikiniki (Kyoto)
    nikiniki website ※Japanese only
    Access (Kyoto)

    Rakugan by Moroe-ya

    Rakugan is a Japanese sugar candy. Although Rakugan is made from sugar, it’s not too sweet. In Japan, there are many colors and shapes of Rakugan and I think you can find them in every Wagashi shop. However, I recommend you to get them in Moroe-ya in Kanazawa, Japan. Moro-ya is one of the most traditional shops and they have many various types of Rakugan whose shapes are based on a particular season and culture.

    Moroe-ya website ※Japanese only
    Access (Tokyo)