In Japan Sailor Moon Can…Help You Get Married?

  • When a couple registers for marriage, they have to fill in serious, boring-looking forms which make getting married seem like a solemn process… but not anymore! You can now fill in Sailor Moon-themed marriage registration forms which were released by Konin Todoke Seisakujo/Design Laboratory for Marriage Paperwork.

    Don’t worry, as it is official and totally legitimate! In Japan, a couple would only need to fill in marriage registration forms and submit to the local government office to be officially recognized as a married couple.

    There are 3 designs of the marriage documents available. Each set of design comes with three papers which are two marriage registration form in A3 size (one of it is an extra copy in case of mistakes), and another form in A4 size which is meant for the couples to keep as their own copy. Each set sells at 3000 yen.

    Sailor Moon Romantic Love

    In this design, Sailor Moon is seen sitting on a crescent moon with a pink background.

    Sailor Moon Make Up Princess

    This Sailor Moon Make Up Princess design looks more mature and subtle with the Sailor Moon theme. It features a gold background with tiny designs of items from the Sailor Moon series. Non-fans would not be able to immediately recognize this as a Sailor Moon theme! This theme is suitable for those who think they are too grown up for an obvious Sailor Moon theme which may seem a tad childish.

    Sailor Moon Moonlight Kiss

    The Sailor Moon Moonlight Kiss design is the newest design out of the three. This design has a romance theme which features Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion kissing under the moonlight.

    Besides registering your marriage using Sailor Moon-themed forms, why not wear a Sailor Moon tiara to your wedding too?

    Sailor Moon Serenity Crystal Wedding Tiara


    This tiara is made from a gold-plated brass frame with Swarovski crystals and synthetic pearls. The tiara retails at a whopping 415,796 yen including tax on the Bandai website. But doesn’t it look totally gorgeous?

    Does this make you want to register your marriage there in Japan? Why not take the extra step and organize a Sailor Moon wedding theme? You could have every guest cosplay as a Sailor Moon character. This would complete your childhood dream wedding!

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