Ataraxia Cafe: An Otaku Cafe for Women Only in Osaka

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  • Ataraxia Cafe recently opened in Osaka on December 26, 2015. This is not just your ordinary cafe as it centers on catering to only female “otaku.” An otaku has an obsessive interest in animation and manga and can talk about these topics all day. It is more common for men to be associated with being an otaku than for women. This makes it quite hard to become a female otaku! For the cafe to assure their customers’ otaku status, an otaku test is given online to assure everyone’s nerdiness. You have to be 18 years old or older to enter!


    What Makes the Cafe Exclusive?


    Ataraxia cafe focuses on the creative side of women. There are various types of equipment such as sewing machines, workbenches and work spaces available for making cosplay costumes. Some of the supplies can be rented such as: pen tablets, light boxes, hair dryers, straightening irons, scanners, laminators and latex gloves. If you want to rent a whole room with mirrors, it is also available.

    The cafe offers a relaxing atmosphere of only women conversations since no men are allowed. There is a space for reading and using free Wi-Fi. In addition to this, each of the tables has multiple outlets giving comfort to those who want to use electronic devices. You can also play manga games with your friends! Apart from this, the cafe has a huge collection of magazines for your wild imagination to feed on.


    The Menu

    The cafe offers service on trimming your cosplay wig if you own one. While waiting, you can order some drinks based on two systems: premium drink (1,280 yen) and all-you-can-drink (1,580 yen). As of the moment, these are the only options available. There is a small food menu available as well.

    Ataraxia Cafe is definitely the place to go for female otaku. It gives them the chance to interact with fellow otaku and have an exciting gaming experience.

    If you’re interested in visiting the cafe, might as well answer the otaku test first here.

    The cafe is open daily from 11:00 am to midnight.

    Ataraxia Cafe

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