3 Reasons to Love Studio Ghibli and Its Many Creations

  • A lot of people know about the wonderful animation company that is Studio Ghibli. If you haven’t heard of it before the easiest way to think of it is Disney but better. Hayao Miyazaki has spent years lovingly creating and recreating some of the most amazing stories that borderline fantasy and reality. These fantastic stories always seem to entrance their viewers. So I’m here to give you just 3 of the many reasons as to why Studio Ghibli is so amazing at what they do.

    1. The Important Themes


    All of studio Ghibli’s films have a recurring theme to them – one that shows that the bonds of friendship and love are some of the purest we will ever have. In every film, you can see and understand the trials people face in life and the hardships that we have to overcome to achieve our goals. Most importantly we see how without those bonds of friendship, love and family, overcoming these things can be incredibly difficult. It is these bonds that bind us together as humans and one thing I’ve always loved about Studio Ghibli’s films is how their messages are both subtle and straightforward that you are never really alone.

    2. The Creators’ Attention to Detail

    Studio Ghibli also doesn’t just stick to the same kind of story. They make some of the most intricate and elaborate stories told. Miyazaki ensures that he does a lot of research before he places something into a film whether it’s something like heading overseas to get just the right kind of architecture that he envisioned or getting a feel for the setting. For example, when he traveled to Italy to get a feel for Porco Rosso. It’s this attention to detail that makes Studio Ghibli films stand out so much from other animation studios.

    3. The Museum

    Lastly, Hayao Miyazaki lovingly created and put in so much time and effort into the Studio Ghibli Museum located in Mitaka. It’s a building created both to enhance nature and to show others the joys and wonderment associated with having a thriving imagination. There are hidden stairways, stained glass windows showing different scenes from different films and little doorways and entrances. The two most notable things about this museum would be its giant fluffy cat bus which sadly only children are allowed to play on and its life-size replica of a Laputa robot which can be found standing almost frozen in time on the museum’s roof. There is also a mini movie theatre that looks like it’s straight out of Spirited Away that shows special short films made especially for the museum. It’s a place I recommend any fan to visit at least once.

    There are many more reasons to be a fan of Ghibli. What are some of yours?

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