Tsuruhashi Korea Town: The Korean Essence of Osaka

  • Living in Osaka means being immersed in Japanese things every day, from using fabulous Japanese cosmetic products to eating various Japanese dishes to attending concerts and cheering for your favorite J-band. But what if, you are like me, a fan of Korean beauty products, food, and music? Then, in this case, you must pay Korea Town a visit!


    To start your journey, head to Tsuruhashi station, on the JR Osaka Loop Line. Once you exit the station’s central ticket gate, you will see dozens of Korean shops and BBQ restaurants around the station. However, you are not yet in Korea town. In fact, you will need approximately 11 minutes on foot till you reach Miyukimoriten Shrine, the entrance of Korea town and what is also known as Miyukimori shopping street.

    Cosmetics Shopping

    You can start your walk by going through the cosmetic shops scattered around. Here you can find various products from famous Korean brands such as Tony Moly, Nature Republic, Innisfree, and The Face Shop to name some. You can grab good deals of some products that are hard to find online, and their listed prices are much cheaper compared with buying them online.One of my recommended must-haves is 13 dermal facial masks for only ¥500!


    If you are a K-pop fan, and you are looking to buy your band’s older or latest albums, or simply want to have some K-pop goodies, Korea town is the right place for you. There are many shops that sell anything you could think of as high-quality goodies, from small items such as pins, stationery, and photo cards to big items used for cheering at concerts such as banners and towels. The prices for the same type of goodies may vary from one shop to another, so to save money, pay a quick visit to several shops before starting your shopping spree!

    After you finish shopping, you might be interested in having a cup of coffee with your favorite band logo drawing at this K-pop cafe.



    【キャメル ダイナー】   久々に食べた。  肉肉肉しぃ。  ご飯をおかずに肉食ってる感じ。  ■〔店名〕キャメル ダイナー □〔住所〕四ツ谷橋駅から徒歩2分 ■〔営業時間〕11時から23時 #大阪カフェ #大阪ランチ #大阪グルメ #大阪旅行 #大阪観光 #大阪カフェ巡り #大阪スイーツ #大阪ディナー #梅田ランチ #梅田カフェ #梅田グルメ #梅田ディナー #梅田スイーツ #心斎橋カフェ #心斎橋グルメ #心斎橋ランチ #心斎橋ディナー #なんばカフェ #なんばグルメ #なんばランチ #堀江カフェ #堀江ランチ #天王寺カフェ #天王寺ランチ #鶴橋コリアンタウン #高槻あカフェ #高槻グルメ #吹田カフェ 

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    Not a cosmetic or K-pop fan? Never mind, you can still enjoy the variety of Korean dishes at restaurants. Or check out the food stalls, where plenty of delicious and cheap fast-food like snacks are offered such as jeon (also called jijim or chijimi in Japanese). Also, there are many vendor shops that offer huge varieties of kimchi, in addition to other Korean spices and pickles.

    Going to Korea Town, you will have the chance not to only eat Korean food and enjoy shopping, but also to take a look at the lifestyle of some of the permanent ethnic Korean residents of Japan (or better known as Zainichi Kankokujin) who run many of the shops.

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