3 Tokyo Sukiyaki Shops to Warm You Up This Winter

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  • With the temperature dropping further day by day in this winter cold, surely something hot to eat is what we all want to have. And without a doubt, Japan has a number of dishes that could satisfy that need for heat. Nabe hotpots, ramen and other noodles and many more, you name it, Japan’s got it!

    sukiyaki main

    How about some Sukiyaki? Sweet soup and beef is a nice match in the cold weather. Now I won’t be introducing just shops where you can eat but of course, shops where you can also enjoy the surrounding area. So here are 3 Sukiyaki Shops in Tokyo to warm you up in this winter season!

    Yonezawa Gyuu Ooki

    Yonezawa Gyuu Ooki is located in the B1 floor near Kurobe Yokocho in Tokyo Station. They serve a variety of Yonezawa Beef dishes like shabu shabu, steaks and of course, sukiyaki.The most popular in their list is the miso sukiyaki. Since the shop is in Tokyo Station, you can get a good look around the vicinity of the large and beautiful station as well.

    Yonezawa Gyuu Ooki

    Wagyu Sukiyaki Iseju

    sukiyaki iseju

    Wagyu Sukiyaki Iseju has been running its business in Tokyo since the Meiji Era. Located in Nihonbashi, this sukiyaki shop has one of the longest histories passed on from generation to generation. A charming point to this shop is how the style maintains a Meiji feel to it. The Kanda River is also near the vicinity of this shop so it’s a good stroll after a nice meal.

    Iseju (Japanese only)
    Iseju Tabelog


    sukiyaki sugimoto

    And finally, Sugimoto. Many visitors to Tokyo are sure to visit Tokyo’s popular tourist spot, the Tokyo Skytree. If you are one of those people who plan to, well you’re in luck! Sugimoto is located in Soramachi, the shopping store in Tokyo Skytree Town. Sugimoto offers delicious sukiyaki and other selections of beef dishes in a good, atmospheric store.


    Sukiyaki is one Japanese dish that many people love and what’s a better experience it than to have a taste of it here in Japan during this cold winter season. Make sure to check these places out if you live here or once you’re here for your vacation!

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