Kochi: A Land of Eco-Friendly Agriculture and Deliciously Fresh Produce

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  • The constant variation in weather, both day and night, is one of the factors that contribute to Kochi being one of Japan’s top agricultural producers. Excluding rice farming, Kochi’s land productivity is number one in Japan with estimates stating that it produces 6.5 million yen/ha in comparison to Japan’s average of 2.5 million yen/ha (according to Bank of Japan’s Kochi branch office estimate for 2009).



    Kochi is a pioneer in promoting an environmentally friendly agriculture by avoiding chemical pesticide control. As a result, they produce the healthiest and most delicious fruits and vegetables in Japan. Also due to the high-quality fruits being produced there, it is starting to gain popularity amongst international chefs, as Kochi is currently exporting yuzu to Europe at the request of French chefs.

    What is yuzu?


    Kochi is famous for yuzu. It is a citrus fruit that is a little bigger than a lemon and very yellow. It is rich in fragrance, vitamins C, B1, B2, iron, potassium and calcium.

    Very popular in Kochi cuisine, yuzu has been used for juices, vinegar, sauce (ponzu) and varieties of sweets, and desserts. Yuzu can also easily be used as a seasoning on salads, fish, or with tea.

    Other fruits and vegetables from Kochi

    Kochi continues to be the number one producer of eggplant, green pepper, niitaka pear, and myoga. It also has a significant production line in ginger, melon, tosa (a citrus similar to grapefruit), and okra. So, if you appreciate high-quality food, you should definitely visit Kochi.

    They are not only great for fresh food but also other products as well. For instance, yuzu ice cream served inside a fresh melon-half cannot be found anywhere else, but Kochi.

    Yuzu tours in Kochi

    Kochi held the yuzu tour in 2014, and in 2015, they went to Melbourne to present yuzu in a promotional food and beverage event at the RACV City club.

    So, if you enjoy delicious fresh fruit and vegetables and fancy the sound of yuzu, then check out the Kochi prefecture on your travels around Japan.


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