Japanese girls are much skilled at decorating themselves with 3 technics

  • As you may know, makeup is a magical drawing, which every girl is good at.
    Even though it is never included in education systems, most of girls are much skilled at how to draw on our own face to look amazing than math or science.

    Here are some unique makeup trend examples capturing girl’s hearts.

    1. Highlighting eye bags

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    They whiten their eye bags like this, and make them appear teary and girly.
    Many celebrities do this makeup recently, and became the new fashion.
    Some boys don’t like how they look. There are some boys asking his girlfriend “did you cry last night?” because her eyes look puffy!

    2. Thick eyebrows

    Thick and natural eyebrows are today’s mode.
    They draw their eyebrows as if they are never drawn. If you want to try this, you need to be skillful.
    It helps girls appear neat and innocent. And the keyword is: natural!
    The most natural makeup is the next one.

    3. “No makeup” makeup

    You no doubt took some time to understand the name of this trend.
    It was pretty difficult for me to translate in English, as well.
    It is, literally, that they wear makeup, which looks like they have no makeup on, by toning down at every part of their face.

    The complicating point for the rule of this makeup is; they are not supposed to look too casual. Make their face more feminine and natural, and beautiful.
    I am sure Japanese boys love this kind of makeup although it’s much harder for girls to master this skill.

    At the end

    Japan’s makeup trend comes and goes so fast back and forth.
    Today there are tons of Japanese girls whose eye bags are shiny, eyebrows are thick or who is wearing very natural makeup on everywhere.
    Which of them do you like trying, or do you like your girlfriend to try?