Attract Anyone’s Attention with Pretty Sushi Nail Art From Japan!

  • Would you like to take an extra step to revamp your looks to impress their family, and do something that surely no one else you know has done before? Do you like doing your nails? To show your love to all things Japanese and impress others with unique designs, why not opt for a sushi manicure? Sushi does well in the aesthetics department, so a nail design inspired by it would definitely decorate your nails prettily!

    Delicious Nail Art


    If you need some inspiration, take a look at these 3d manicures that were done by Twitter user Ayamon, or @mqmx666. The salmon roe design is so pretty, not to mention, the salmon and prawn designs look quite real!

    Who knew a tako (octopus) would look great on your nails? The nail art designs in the picture below are done by Twitter user Shiruba, or @silversnakexxxx.


    2-D Designs


    The designs done by Ayamon and Shiruba are 3-D. If you do not like the bulkiness of 3-D designs or find it difficult to do them, you might be more into these 2-D designs by other Japanese Twitter users. Pictured above are the nail art designs done by @karaagetabeta Her designs also incorporate kanji (Chinese characters) that are related to sushi. I have no idea what that gold-orange design represents, but it looks so cool! To me, it looks like sparkling, translucent fish roe…

    The nail art designs pictured below are done by @kyo22po They look simple but eye-catching. Beginners who are not too skilful yet in the art of manicure might want to give these a try!

    *The account seems to be deleted.

    If you want to keep it sweet and simple you can attempt the design pictured below, which have been created by Twitter user @ReinAyaaaa.


    These sushi manicures are so cute, and they even look quite edible! No doubt these tasty looking nails will make you the star of any party, but what to do if you are not that skilled (yet)? You may want to try NailSnaps, an app that allows you to import Instagram photos to create nail decals. This way anyone can create beautiful sushi nails!

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