The Seven Most Exciting “Gacha-gacha” Types

  • Yes, Japan is known for expensive products, restaurants, etc. But did you know that you can have the time of your life with just a few coins? They’re called “gacha gacha” capsule toys and they range in price from 100 yen to 500 yen depending on the toy inside. In shopping centers and electronics stores, you’ll find rows and rows of gacha gacha machines. Just insert the necessary number of coins and turn the dial until you hear the “clunk” of the capsule dropping.

    The name “gacha gacha” is an onomatopoeia that represents the sound made when you turn the dial and the capsules inside the machine bump against each other. Everything from your favorite characters from popular anime such as Naruto and One Piece to adorable figurines, gacha gacha machines provide a rich variety of toys that are very detailed and exquisite.

    Here are some unique gacha gacha toys.

    「職人工具」(Shokunin-kogu: Tools for artisans)

    There are five different tools in all: A hammer, adjustable wrench, plyers, double-end wrench, and a pipe wrench. The parts of the adjustable wrench, plyers, and pipe wrench actually move.

    「自由すぎる女神」(Jiyu-sugiru megami: The Statue that’s at complete liberty)

    A collection of liberating poses by the famous Statue of Liberty.

    「考えない人」(Kangae-nai hito: The Non-thinker)

    Inspired by the world-famous sculpture by Auguste Rodin.


    A figurine of a vomiting (‘Hack’ in Japanese) man.

    「キノコ」(Mushroom cell phone straps)

    An array of mushrooms including the matsutake mushroom, king trumpet mushroom, and nametake mushroom.

    After your gacha gacha experience, if you feel bad that you have to throw out the empty capsule as garbage, here’s a tip. Why not make a gacha gacha mini garden out of it? Some capsules have small holes in them, making it great for water drainage. The size is perfect for growing small herbs.

    At the end

    So the next time you spot a gacha gacha machine in Japan, you should definitely check it out because they’re not just about anime characters and cute animals. You’ll discover that there’s so much excitement contained in these tiny capsules.