3 Sites to Stay Up-to-Date with Japan’s Quirky Street Fashion Trends

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  • Nowadays, street fashion in Japan is a big deal, it’s not just a group of Lolita and cosplay fans anymore. The variety of street style, especially in Tokyo can be quite different from other cultures with its individuality and uniqueness.

    Sometimes, it may be difficult for tourists to keep up to date with the latest street style from standard published media sources unless their Japanese reading skills are at an intermediate level. However, there are some English websites and blogs that focus on Japanese fashion which are very helpful. So, if you would like to keep up to date with what the Japanese fashionistas are up to, here are three websites to check out.

    1. Tokyo Fashion

    Tokyo Fashion updates its photos constantly and provides high-quality images. From the main website to Tumblr, Tokyo Fashion is like an online magazine that features not only pictures captured from Harajuku, but also additional information contained in each photo such as details of the outfit, career, and style.

    Tokyo Fashion Website

    2. Tokyo Faces

    If you love browsing street style photos using an online platform, then Tokyo Faces is a blog with a lot of photos taken from the Tokyo streets. The blog is similar to Tokyo Fashion, but only features the images with only a little information of the outfits including name, product’s brand, etc.

    3. Japanese Streets

    The all-in-one website where users can shop as well as browse for street style inspiration.

    Japanese Streets Website

    Tokyo is a melting pot in terms of fashion. Not just for locals, but tourists are also able to experience a diversity of fashion trends, anime obsessions, as well as, a sub-culture of modified ‘trend-setters’ all in one place. Although Japan is a country where unity has been alive for centuries, the fashion sense of an individual can be so diverse that there is no specific trend in society. Uniqueness is embraced and there doesn’t appear to be any fear of being different.

    *Featured Image: jp.fotolia.com/

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