Chill Out at These 3 Hot Spring Hotels in Akita

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  • In the deep mountains of the Tazawa Kogen plateau in Akita Prefecture, lie a collection of onsen ryokans (Japanese-style hotels) known as “Nyuto Onsen.” It is simply the perfect place to enjoy the forest scenery while socialising and enjoying traditional Japanese meals. Plus, you get to relax in the natural hot springs that are constantly flowing to the surface. It is a great idea to stay in one of these onsen ryokans if you want to have a great travel experience in this area!




    Tsurunoyo is the oldest and most popular lodge in the resort. Its name is derived from a story of a local hunter who saw a crane (Tsuru) trying to heal its wounds in the spring. The lodge offers four baths, including co-ed outdoor baths. Rooms are in a very traditional style, and if you come during the winter season you will have to pay an additional charge for the use of the heating system. Some of the rooms already exist since the Edo period and are designed in the ‘honjin style’: simple, stylish and with a great view.

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    Taenoyu is located near the mountain streams of the Sendatsu River. It has an open-air bath which is co-ed that overlooks a giant waterfall, which is very relaxing to see while you are soaking in the hot water. The service and atmosphere of the lodge make Taenoyu very popular with women. The bathing charge is 720 yen per person. On the other hand, lodging fee runs from 13,000 yen and up for a Japanese-style room. It is a small place, as it can only accommodate a maximum of 65 people in 17 rooms.

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    Magoroku onsen is located off the main road. It actually requires a short hike to reach the place. It is primarily popular for its spa due to the believed medicinal property of the waters. Thus, it is also called “mountain water of medicine”. An outdoor bath is available, but it is exclusively for women. The bathing charge is 510 yen per person while lodging is 11,880 yen per room.

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    The onsen are open year-round, but the best time to enjoy these hot springs is definitely during the winter time. If you need a break from your busy life and need to kick back and relax, stay at these ryokans in Akita!

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