Enjoy a ’Symphony’ of Classical Music and Delicious Cakes in Osaka!

  • I have always wanted to experience the pleasure of eating an entire cake whole and at Symphony Chiffon, I can fulfill that desire! Symphony Chiffon offers miniature sized whole cakes and opened a year ago in both Kitahorie and Dojima in the Osaka prefecture. You can enjoy the delicious creations of Symphony Chiffon by dining in or take away.

    Cafe and Cakes


    The cakes come in three sizes: Small 10cm, Medium 14cm and Large 20cm (which is only available via prior reservations). All of the cakes come with a specific type of sauce that is made specially for that flavor of cake.

    Symphony Chiffon offers seven flavors of colorful sponge cakes and two types of chiffon toast. The cafe’s interior has been modeled after the stylish cafes in Paris. Also, there is always classical music playing within the cafe, hence the name Symphony Chiffon. There is also an outdoor terrace that allows customers to bring along their pets and enjoy these delicious cakes as well.

    Cake Platters and Flavors


    All of the Chiffon Cake Platters at Symphony Chiffon come with a cup of soft serve ice cream and sliced fruit. Instead of serving normal size chiffon (sponge) cakes, Symphony Chiffon’s cakes are a sixth of the size of a normal chiffon cake (about 10cm). No matter which part of the cake you eat, it is consistently fluffy and spongey. The baker succeeded in making cakes that do not change color on the outside from getting burnt and so the cake remains nice and bright, inside and out. The cakes that are available in the restaurant are served with whipped cream in the middle and special sauces along with seasonal fruits.

    Maple Cream Chiffon: 940 yen
    The maple flavored chiffon is one of the most popular flavors at Symphony Chiffon. The Maple Chiffon platter comes with maple sauce.

    Matcha Cream Chiffon (green tea): 980 yen
    The matcha (green tea) chiffon cake uses high-quality Uji green tea and the color of the cake and its abundant flavor comes from the large use of matcha for making this cake.

    Black Sesame Cream Chiffon: 980 yen
    The black sesame cake is extremely interesting as it contains both kneaded and grained sesame. The black sesame cream on top is specially made for this cake and adds flavor.

    Marble Cream Chiffon: 940 yen
    This marble cake is a blend of vanilla and bitter dark chocolate. The cake is served with a specially made caramel sauce.

    Chocolate Cream Chiffon: 940 yen
    This chocolate cake has a rich flavor and with its slightly bitter taste, goes perfectly well with the sweet whipped cream, ice cream and perhaps even a glass of red wine.

    Strawberry Cream Chiffon: 980 yen
    The adorable light pink color of this strawberry cake makes it a popular one amongst the women guests. The sweet and savory berry sauce goes perfectly with this strawberry cake.

    Plain Cream Chiffon: 850 yen
    The outside of this cake is slightly crispy and the inside is extremely soft and fluffy. This buttery flavored cake is the classic version of the chiffon cakes at Symphony Chiffon.

    Chiffon Toast


    Chiffon Toast, Fruit Mix: 1250 yen
    The toasted chiffon cake is an interesting spin on a classic favorite. The chiffon toast is covered in a lot of delicious fruit.

    Chiffon Toast: 810 yen
    This butter flavored chiffon toast is crusty on the outside and soft and spongy on the inside.

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