Check Out these 4 Weird and Wacky Japanese Bra Inventions

  • It is not an exaggeration to say that Japan is the land of crazy inventions from hybrid cars to cozy lingerie inventions, Japan goes the extra mile. In the case of bra inventions, there are literally bras for every occasion in Japan and some of the crazier versions you may never have heard of. So here are four that may blow your mind.

    1. The Grow-Your-Own-Rice bra

    This is an epitome of crazy ‘cozy’ invention. The bra turns into a rice growing kit and allows you to cultivate rice whenever or wherever you want. It is developed by a lingerie company named ‘Triumph International’ to increase awareness of farming among young women. The bra is made of recyclable plastic and has two rice paddy cups tied together. The bra also comes with a pair of gloves for ‘gardening’. These concept bras are not for sale and are only meant to spread concern over environment and agriculture.

    2. The Love bra

    It was developed by an another Japanese lingerie company, ‘Ravijour’. The bra’s specialty is that it opens up when women are in true love. Yes, you have read that correctly. When one falls in love, one’s heart rate increases usually due to excitement. This smart bra recognizes your heart beat and unhooks automatically at a certain point. I must mention one thing, though, I wouldn’t recommend wearing this one to job interviews. This bra was created purely to add fun to the bedroom and to really test true love.

    3. The Ice bra

    It is said that this bra is for women who feel too exhausted during hot and humid Japanese summers. It is also designed by ‘Triumph’, the makers of the ‘rice bra’. The bra has cup-shaped ice packs, a wind chime and a twig of mint. There are also pictures of fish on the bra as well which adds to the crazy appeal.

    4. The Konkatsu bra

    Konkatsu is Japanese for ‘marriage hunt’. The konkatsu bra comes with a countdown clock showing the deadline set by the girl. If an engagement ring is placed between the cups, melody music will play. It also has a recorder to record personal phrases or songs etc. There is also another version of this Konkatsu bra called the ‘Uplifting’ bra which plays uplifting, encouraging messages. It automatically identifies one’s heart rate and plays verbal messages accordingly. Some versions even come with a speech recognition tool so when one asks questions like ‘do I look beautiful?’ , the bra will answer ‘yes, totally radiant’ or something similar to provide encouragement.

    These are only four of many crazy lingerie inventions which will provide a good giggle. Triumph International is a Japanese brand which frequently releases new concept bras so check out their website to stay updated with the newest, amazing and crazy Japanese lingerie trends.

    Triumph International Website