A Cute Animal Twist to Japanese Sandals- Perfect for the Kids!

  • Japanese sandals (geta) are comfortable for any occasion and are easy to slip in and out of making them hassle-free. So, to spice up your wardrobe, grab a pair of these Japanese sandals that also leave cute animal foot imprints too.

    Ashiato Animal Footprint Sandals


    This interesting line of geta sandals is the brainchild of Kaz Shiomi who is the founding designer of Kiko+. Ashiato means footprint in Japanese, so these sandals leave cute animal footprints. There are five types of sandals: pink cat paw prints, orange monkey footprints, blue gecko footprints, yellow owl footprints, and turquoise tyrannosaurus footprints. However, beware that wearing these sandals to the beach or the jungle may confuse or scare others who happen to find the imprints!

    Prices and Sizes


    The sandals are available in sizes XS, S, M, and L. XS (16 cm) and S (17 to 21 cm) sizes are generally meant for kids and the price for each pair is 2,700 yen. Sizes M (22 to 24 cm) and L (24 to 26 cm) can be worn by adult women (with small feet) and is a little more expensive at 2,916 yen per pair on Rakuten.


    Personally, I think the owl footprints are a little hard to recognise as they look similar to ‘X’ marks. I also found the T-rex footprints difficult to recognise as they look like a kind of plant.

    Would you be able to recognise these animal imprints? Out of all the designs, I prefer the cat imprint as it’s cute and very realistic, they could also pass as dog prints too if you prefer.

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