Check Out This 3D Printed Dress from Japan

  • 3D printers are the latest craze, and of course, people have already been thinking about ways to maximize its uses. One of these ways is to use 3D printing technology to revolutionize the fashion industry in the near future. Not only is it a new, exciting way to design clothes, it can also produce the newly designed product instantly. Imagine this: a fashion designer can just send the result of his hard design work to a customer in another part of the world who needs the clothes urgently by email, who can then proceed to print the clothes upon receiving the files. There will be no more shipping fees either!

    3D Printed Apparel


    To catch a glimpse of the type of clothes that could be produced by the 3D printer, take a look at what this one Japanese company has created. In November 2015, an online apparel production services company called STARted announced that in order to mass produce clothes using the 3D printer, “3D Normcore” will become the prototype for this. The product is made of a flexible plastic material made by Auxetic Materials. The structure was developed by Masaharu Ono and Taisuke Oshima.


    The result was a pretty decent looking plastic top which can be paired with a skirt to look like an elegant dress! The pieces on the left seem to suggest that they may need to be attached and detached from the dress which might seem a little cumbersome, but this is just one of the company’s early creations of clothes using a 3D printer. The material, design, and structure will be reviewed, and there are plans to make the 3D printed clothes commercially available by the end of 2016.

    The Clothes of the Future


    Due to the nature of the plastic material that is used, I do not think that one can just put the clothes in the regular laundry machine to be washed. Hence, extra care must be taken when washing this type of clothes. Perhaps materials other than plastic will and can be used to create 3D printed clothes in the future. I’m certain that as this technology is still very new, there will be many improvements to the designs in the future, which will make this new type of clothes convenient and comfortable for wearers!

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