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  • Gotemba Premium Outlet

    Be it locals or foreigners, Gotemba Premium Outlet is one of the most favorite places for shoppers. Located approximately an hour and a half away from Tokyo, it is the best place to shop at local and international brands for an outlet price. If you are thrift shopping, their seasonal sales are definitely perfect. But it is not just the stores that captivate visitors but also the breathtaking view of Mount Fuji. The outlet is located at the foot of the mount making shopping a very picturesque experience.

    Gotemba Kogen Resort

    The premium outlet opens at 10:00 in the morning. If you are an early riser, or if you happen to reach the destination way too early, that is a lot of hours to wait. Hence, for a more satisfying trip to Gotemba, you might as well as visit some sights around the area to boost your morning. Try visiting Gotemba Kogen Resort also known as Tokino-Sumika. It is a complex of various spas and restaurants that are worth visiting. It has hills and walking trails with beautiful landscapes and waterfall. If you plan your side-trip at night, there are breathtaking night illuminations during winter season.

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    Fuji Safari Park

    Another place worth visiting near Gotemba is Fuji-Safari Park. Winter, spring, summer or fall, the park is open throughout the year. You might want to spend one whole day on this trip because a few hours in the park might not satisfy your lust for adventures. For those who are kids at heart, hop into the safari bus and feed the lions. You may even use your car when touring around the Safari Zone, the park just won’t be held responsible for scratches and breakage. But who cares? Getting close to animals you only see on ABC flashcards is definitely worth the experience.

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    At the end

    Shopping is one of the reasons tourists love visiting Japan. There are many magnanimous stores and malls around Japan, especially Tokyo that showcase the latest fashion and most sought after brands. But for those who are looking for outlet stores, the Gotemba Premium Outlet is a place you would like to be. But don’t only plan on visiting the Premium outlets for your trip, enjoy other tourist destinations within the vicinity as well.