Japanese Girls Wearing “Sickly” Makeup Is Cute?

  • Makeup is supposed to make you look fresh and presentable, and it is also considered to be respectful of others to have some makeup on to work. There are countless women who claim that they have been told that they look sickly without makeup. Therefore, this makeup trend about looking sickly on purpose may baffle women worldwide.

    Origin and Background

    The byojaku makeup has been portrayed with the Red Riding Hood (known as akazukin in Japanese) fashion concept in this advertisement for an eye makeup palette created by TCB, who is a popular online illustrator.

    The byojaku look has gained popularity in recent years in Japan. Byojaku means sickly and it is a makeup look which is majorly characterized by the undereye blush, which is known as ‘me no shita chiiku’ in Japanese. The effect is akin to one looking sick or suffering from allergies till the eyes look red and swollen.

    Key Elements

    Besides the red eye makeup, the sickly look is further enhanced by puffy eye bags. Puffy eye bags are also a popular trend in Korea (where it is known as aegyo sal) as it said to make the eyes look bigger. Before you rejoice at the fact that you have eye bags or laugh at the ridiculousness of East Asian people who think that eye bags are a sign of beauty, the eyebags which Japanese and Korean women refer to are not the kind you get from lack of sleep and aging. Rather, they are technically not eye bags as they are muscles under the eye which are larger than usual and are usually present in kids or younger people. Thus, it is not strange to associate those puffy under-eyes with youthfulness!

    Another trait to this byojaku look is pale skin, which is a no-brainer as the red undereye makeup would look more obvious on pale skin.

    The byojaku makeup probably rose in popularity because looking sickly gives off a more innocent (and therefore cute) vibe. However, I think the byojaku makeup looks trendy instead of sickly. The byojaku makeup can make you look bright and fresh provided that you conceal any dark circles beforehand!