Try Fresh Bread in a Great Atmosphere at Sawamura in Karuizawa!

  • During the winter season, all of the tourists who were visiting Karuizawa in the summer order to avoid the heat and humidity of other parts of Japan vacated the area and now a slow calm atmosphere settles into Karuizawa and Sawamura. The Bakery & Restaurant Sawamura offers a warm, calming environment for anyone who visits to enjoy. The glass-paneled building is constantly filled with the fresh warm aroma of newly baked bread.


    About Sawamura


    Bakery & Restaurant Sawamura was founded on the idea of providing people with delicious bread. With selectively chosen ingredients and meticulous planning in the baking process, Sawamura provides a type of bread that only they can provide. Sawamura spends long hours fermenting the dough by using four types of homemade yeast in order to bake the most savory and flavorful bread. The bread and sweets that are baked are made from approximately 20 different types of flour and grains both from within Japan and from other countries. For example, their pain de campagne is a blend of 5 different types of flour and 3 types of natural yeast.

    Other than the bakery itself, Sawamura also contains a restaurant, with an open ceiling that allows a lot of warm natural light to enter. There you can enjoy fresh and delicious Shinshu (Nagano) vegetables. One of the most popular dishes at the restaurant is the “soft chicken breast cutlet with tartar and vegetables with vinaigrette sauce” (yes it’s a mouthful to say but it sounds delicious doesn’t it?). Not only is the dish itself delicious, but at lunch time, the menu comes with an all-you-can-eat bread bar as well as a salad. I guess that is one of the wonderfully unique things that come with visiting Sawamura. Sawamura also offers an extremely wide variety of wines and champagnes including some that were made on site.



    Here are some select types of bread that I thought to be either all time favorites or very rare in Japan.

    Pan Aux Vins Shinshu (3600 yen)

    This bread is made from the famous Shinshu wine along with four types of nuts and three types of dried fruits.

    Karuizawa Campagne (1600 yen)

    This bread is made from 5 types of flour and 3 types of natural yeast. The slight sourness matches perfectly with wine.

    Brioche Nanterre (1040 yen)

    Brioche Nanterre is a traditional type of bread made in the Nanterre region in France. This brioche uses butter and eggs abundantly to create a rich flavor.

    Gugelhupf of Marron (2000 yen)

    As you can tell from the name, there has grounded chestnut mixed into the dough of the cake as well as pieces of caramelized chestnut within the cake. This Gugelhupf is only available in the winter season and goes perfectly with a warm cup of coffee.

    Sawamura Website (Japanese only)

    Sawamura Tabelog

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