3 Interesting Activities on the Beautiful Awaji Island

  • There is a particular island in Japan which is tucked away from the bustling city and is less than 2 hours away from Osaka. It is called Awaji Island, the largest of the Inland Sea’s islands. The island is a beautiful place that is overflowing in historical landmarks and many interesting activities. Here is a list if three simple things you can do there.


    1. Pay a Visit to the Sennenichi Sake Brewery


    Sennenichi Sake Brewery is a local sake brewery located on the main road in Higashiura. This is the best place to buy a bottle of local sake in the area. It has been continuously brewing for many years and has gained a good reputation for its brew. If you’re lucky enough, you might get invited by the owner himself for a quick tour. You may also be able to witness the brewing of sake until the tasting of the final product.

    Sennenichi Sake Brewery (Japanese only)


    2. See the monkeys at Awajishima Monkey Center


    Awajishima Monkey Center is a nonprofit center which places importance on caring for wild Japanese macaques. These are a terrestrial Old World monkey species in Japan. A part of the center’s responsibility is providing the monkeys a humane refuge as well as giving them a proper diet for them to continue living. The center focuses quite a lot on the kindness the monkeys there show to one another.

    Monkey Center website


    3. Visit Izanagi Shrine


    Izanagi Shrine (or Izanagi Jingu) is a Shinto Shrine dedicated to the spirits of Izanagi and Izanami. Izanagi is considered to be the deity born of seven sacred generations in Shinto mythology while Izanami is the goddess of creation. The shrine is considered to be the oldest in the area. This place is very popular among students and businessmen who continuously pray for great future success. Some traditional religious ceremonies are also conducted in the area.

    With so many places to visit in Awaji Island, do not forget to bring your camera! It’ll surely come in handy with so many interesting places to explore.

    Website (Japanese only)


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