Meet Zawachin, Masterclass Idol Impersonator Trending in Japan

  • Kaori Ozawa (小澤かおり), who is better known as Zawachin (ざわちん), is famous for her makeup skills which transform her into looking like popular idols! However, she only uses makeup to transform her eyes (and perhaps her nose bridge) and usually covers the bottom part of her face using surgical masks or her hands. Perhaps it is too difficult to change the shape of her mouth and face with only makeup. The nickname Zawachin is based on the expression “zawa zawa suru” which means “causing a commotion”.

    Impersonation of female Japanese idols

    She is well-known for her impersonation of Tomomi Itano who is an ex-member of AKB48. The resemblance is striking!

    This is her attempt at looking like Koda Kumi, the singer who is known for her raunchy image.

    Her attempt of looking like Ayumi Hamasaki is pretty impressive too! Those gigantic dolly eyes certainly look similar.

    Impersonation of Western female celebrities

    She is not only capable of transforming herself into looking like female Japanese idols, she can also transform into Miranda Kerr too!

    I believe this is her impression of Avril Lavigne which isn’t as convincing as the others, as she didn’t remind me of Avril at all until I saw the pink highlights in her hair. I guess makeup still has its limits even if it is done by a professional.

    Impersonation of male idols

    Other than female idols, Zawachin also uses makeup to transform into male idols too! See if you can guess which celebrities she intends to impersonate here. Unfortunately, I am not well-versed with male celebrities so none of these are familiar to me, personally.

    This is her impersonation of Arashi members. In my opinion, I feel she may have too much mascara on for her Matsumoto Jun makeup, but it’s all still very convincing.

    Zawachin without makeup

    As a reference, this is what Zawachin looks like without makeup. Even without makeup, her eyes still resemble those of Tomomi Itano’s, to me.

    Despite not showing the lower half of her face, her makeup is still very impressive! So, who do you want to see Zawachin impersonate next?

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