5 Kyoto Souvenirs Featuring the Japanese Feeling Known as ”Wa”

  • Kyoto’s standard souvenirs include hand towels with that Japanese “wa” feeling or yatsuhashi accessories.
    However, there are also other souvenirs from this city that are popular at the moment and that everyone is talking about.
    This is a selection of souvenir items that you might want to buy, not only for family, friends, or lovers, but also for yourself! Here are five cute souvenirs.

    Silken macha tiramisu

    With so much media attention, you have to wait two months to purchase this on the Internet.
    Not only do these look cute, but they are made with a rich assortment of Japanese ingredients in three exquisite colors—beans, soyamilk and white bean paste, together with the decisive factor in the taste, “matcha from Ryuouen.”

    Store name:Ichijoji Nakatani


    Rakugan is a kind of dry confectionary made using some kind of starchy powder, glutinous starch syrup, and sugar.
    Rakugan are colored and pressed into different shapes a mold. Each piece is carefully individually produced using a pure, traditional Japanese sugar known as “wasanbon.” Ragugan is molded not only into shapes such as chrysanthemums and lotus flowers, but also animals and Kyoto buildings and ceremonies.
    These are cute works of art that almost feel like a shame to eat.

    Store name:UCHU wagashi

    My honey

    A specialty store that only deals in honey gathered by trusted beekeepers from all around the world.
    In addition to standard items, you can also buy many honeys in unusual flavors such as avocado or coffee honey.

    Store name:dorato

    Kyoto vegetables jam

    A jam created by a retired French chef that makes the best of the true flavor of Kyo-yasai, a specialty product of Kyoto
    This shop also stocks many products like cakes or ketchups made from Kyo-yasai (Kyoto vegetables).
    You’re sure to discover something new about the attraction of Kyoto vegetables.

    Store name:Kisho

    Gohun nail

    Apparently, this this powder made from whitewash and scallop shells has been used for a long time as an ingredient to make white paint for Japanese painting
    These artificial nails are made from natural materials. They do not have that particular, strong smell that most artificial nails have; they are fast-drying and gentle on your nails.
    You can have fun with artificial nails in Japanese-style colors that cannot be found anywhere else.

    Store name:Uebaeso


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