Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII is Louis Vuitton’s New Model

  • In December 2015, it was revealed by Louis Vuitton’s creative director, Nicolas Ghesquiere, that Lightning, a popular character from a Final Fantasy game, has been chosen to model for the Spring-Summer 2016 campaign. Louis Vuitton is a renowned French fashion house which has been named as the world’s most valuable luxury brand more than once. Perhaps the company found a positive correlation between gamers and the purchase of luxury brands.



    Lightning is the main character of Final Fantasy XIII. Her original name is Claire Farron or Éclair Farron. In the game, she is known to have a cold and distant persona but also determined and independent. With her pink hair and pale aqua eyes, it is no surprise that she is deemed worthy to be a model.

    Louis Vuitton


    In the Louis Vuitton video for the Series 4 campaign, Lightning is seen (angrily?) swinging around the handbags from the Louis Vuitton’s Spring-Summer 2016 collection. She seems to not know how to use them as handbags and treats them as weapons. Probably she finds the handbags too small to be of practical usage for storing various items for her Final Fantasy adventures such as potions and holy water.

    At any rate, Lightning looks so much more well-behaved and modelesque in her photoshoots for Louis Vuitton.


    More Modeling


    It is not the first time that Lightning has been used as a model for high-end fashion brands. Back in 2012, Lightning and her fellow Final Fantasy XIII-2 characters modeled for Prada’s Spring 2012 menswear collection in Japan. Even though it is a line for men’s clothing, Lightning pulled off modeling the clothes quite well. She looks more comfortable in men’s clothes than with Louis Vuitton handbags anyway.

    Could this be the model of the future? Maybe fashion houses do not need to find people with beautiful, distinct features anymore as they can be created with digital technology. All in all, it is something that gamers and otaku would appreciate!