Spend Some Time in Snoopy’s World at the Peanuts Cafe in Tokyo!

  • Are you a fan of Snoopy, Charlie Brown or other members of the Peanuts gang? Then why not visit the new Peanuts Cafe that opened near the Meguro River? This cafe is located 7 minutes from Nakameguro Station. Based on the globally famous animation series Peanuts, the cafe’s designs are modeled off of the atmosphere of the west coast of America. All of the food, drinks and sweets served in this cafe are real-life versions of things that actually appear in the Peanuts series. The moment you step into the cafe, it will feel like you have been transported to the world of Peanuts animations.


    The first floor of the cafe is decorated with neon signs and the walls are decorated with comic drawings. It reminds you of a street shop in a place like California. Once you climb the flight of stairs onto the second floor, you enter a space filled with antique collections from the Peanuts world. While some of the antiques are common place amongst normal Peanuts merchandise, but there are also some extremely rare ones in the collection.


    The Menu

    Here are some examples of what you could find on the menu at the PEANUTS Cafe.

    “The Goose-Eggs” Slider (1,800 yen)

    This adorable dish is based on the baseball team that Charlie Brown coaches. The drawings on the buns are adorable.

    Harriet’s Angel Food Cake (950 yen)

    Harriet is Woodstock’s friend and she absolutely love angel food cake. The cake is extremely spongey and the white contrasting the red strawberry is aesthetically pleasing.

    Woodstock’s Nest (980 yen)

    This dish is based on Snoopy’s best friend Woodstock’s nest. It is an assortment of snacks to go with any kind of meal. It is available only for dinner.



    Not only does Peanuts Cafe serve delicious food, it sells limited edition Peanuts merchandise. They sell various things such as t-shirts with the cafe’s logo: “It’s not eating, it’s dining,” adorable tote bags and cookies in the shape of Peanuts characters.

    Peanuts Cafe

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