Well-kept-secret “Bar Music” in Shibuya, Tokyo

  • There are many venues where the high quality music is being played in Japan, but you may sometimes be eager to listen to the music calmly while sipping your cocktail or coffee.
    This is the good place to do it. Walk by the busiest street in Shibuya for ten minutes, get up to the 4th floor by elevator, open the door and you’ll see thousands of thousands records stock on the walls. The name of this bar is “Bar Music”.

    It is fairly dark inside, wood pattern interior makes you feel somewhat relieved. Some people are laughing and relaxing, some people are carefully listening to the music. The recommended CD and LP records are set on the table, and there is a DJ booth at the back. From there, Soul, jazz, hip-hop, latin… and many other genres of music are being played by Tomoaki Nakamura, the master of Bar Music. (Wednesdays and Saturdays, guest DJs play and the charge is applied.) The sounds from speakers are so warm and pleasant… the volume is at an appropriate level not only to listen to the music, but also to talk. This hideout bar is known to the people who love music. Occasionally famous artists/DJs visit this place and enjoy the atmosphere.

    Drinks are also great. This bar serves everything from the most popular cocktails to its original drinks. Especially the coffee is excellent here because Tomoaki’s parents run a cafe in Hiroshima and he uses the same beans. You’d better drink “coffee bell”. As about food, I’m afraid I’ve never tried to eat there, but it seems to have a good cuisine.

    This bar is open from 6 pm till midnight. You can stay there the entire time, or jsut grab a drink before going clubbing. I always stay there for too long because this relaxing and chilling atmosphere makes me happy. I highly recommend it!


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