Expect the Unexpected at the Extraordinary World of Yoro Park

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  • Yoro is a town located in Gifu Prefecture of Japan. It is a mountainous area filled with local legends and exciting places to visit. One of these places is the Yoro Park which is often described as an “experience park” for showing visitors unexpected things in different places.


    It primarily features crazy golf tennis courts, some food courts and plenty of space for kids. It’s perfect for family days together as the grass is really green and perfect for sunny days.

    The Site of Reversible Destiny


    This is probably the most popular site at the park which is located on the right of the grassy area. Everything at this site has been arranged in a reversed manner. It is extraordinary and always surprising, even if it isn’t a first-time experience here, there are so many unique concepts to discover.

    The Critical Resemblance House


    Another place which offers a great challenge for bending perception is the Critical Resemblance House. This is a house maze which has been arranged for visitors to find their way through all the scattered pieces of furniture. Like a normal house, it consists of a television, refrigerator, beds, a toilet and so on which have been placed in a weird manner. Some are even sticking out of the ceiling! Some tables and sofas are located in one room while the other half in the next.

    The Elliptical Field


    The large bowl-shaped basin is called the “Elliptical Field.” It consists of nine pavilions. This is probably the best place for kids and adults to climb up and down. You can also enjoy the a great view of the entire place from the summit walkway.

    This is a great unique place in Japan to experience with your family as it provides several physical and mental challenges. On top of that, it’s fun, and frequently visited by many!

    Yoro Park Website


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