Impressive Japanese fast-food packages!

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    One of my friends told me that the Japanese really care about food packaging, especially in fast food restaurants. He also pointed out that it is amazing. I haven’t thought of those things before because I thought it was normal. However, once I started to look at those things, I found a lot of food being wrapped in impressive packages. You can find these in many fast food restaurants when you visit Japan!

    Mc Donald’s


    Obviously, this photo is from Mc Donald’s. But look at the package of hamburger! Isn’t it cute? This is one of the special hamburgers which are different depending on the season. This hamburger is a spring one, so the package is decorated with cherry blossom illustrations. The summer, fall, and winter packages are different!!

    Mr. Doughnuts


    This is from a famous doughnut shop, Mr. Doughnuts. Mr. Doughnuts’ package is really cute. Because they often collaborate with animation character companies, such as snoopy ( from Peanut), Rilakkuma ( Japanese popular character ), and many other characters. But it’s not just about collaborations, Mr. Doughnuts has it’s own mascot characters. The lion, which is on the photo, is one of them. That’s why they have many types of packaging, and their packages is one of the main reasons why they are so popular!


    Pizza-la also collaborated with Yokai-watch anime producer. The anime is really popular among kids, so I think many kids want to order Pizza-la pizza! Pizza-la often collaborates with anime producers, especially those popular for kids.

    You can find more interesting packages in Japan!