3 Beautiful ’Husband and Wife’ Meotodaki Waterfalls to Explore on Your Travels

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  • A waterfall itself is a beautiful sight but having two side by side is enough to melt your heart away. A pair of waterfalls is called ‘Meotodaki’ in Japanese. They are also called ‘Twin Waterfalls’ or ‘Husband & Wife’ waterfalls. They are present in a few mystical places of Japan for us to be enthralled. So, let’s have a look at these three meotodaki falls.

    1. Sounkyo


    Sounkyo is a gorge area located in Kamikawa, Hokkaido, Japan. This area is famous for its onsens, waterfalls and cliff scenery. It is one of the largest canyons in Japan formed by a river namely Ishikari digging into Daisetsuzan mountains. These mountains have an average height of more than 2000 meters and have a few waterfalls in their region. The two beautiful waterfalls here are Ginga-no-taki and Ryusei-no-taki. These falls are also known as Otoko Taki (male waterfall) and Onnna Taki (female waterfall) and together they are labeled as ‘Meotodaki’ (husband and wife waterfalls).

    The two falls face one another and it is impossible to see both of them unless you stand in between the falls. There are some view points or observation points with parking lots on the way to the falls. The falls offer you a magnificent overwhelming view and in winter, it is a famous spot for ‘Ice Climbing’. The waterfalls freeze in winter and form like a massive ice ridge and attract a lot of climbers to the place. The water in these falls is cold even in summer and the surrounding area is a serene and beautiful place altogether.


    2. Kobe

    Located in Kobe, Japan, Nunobiki Falls is considered one of the ‘divine falls’ in Japan. It is made up of four falls namely Mendaki, Izumoki, Ondaki, and Tsusumigadaki. It is a major attraction where full water flow can be observed after the monsoon season in Japan around July. The falls have an average height of 43 meters. The water from the falls gets into the nearby Ikuta river.


    3. Minamioguni-machi


    Minamioguni is a town located in Aso of Kumamoto prefecture. The waterfalls is present in the area Ushizu Managanji of Aso. The waterfalls are facing each other and aren’t very high but still provide a visual effect similar to that straight out of a movie.


    Apart from the above, there are many other waterfalls with two or more falls side by side. However, only a few (like the ones above) are termed as ‘Meotodaki’ by the locals and they are known by that name itself. So, why not take a hike up to these places and embrace the beauty of the amazing falls.

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