3 Must-Try Japanese Foods for Non-Seafood Lovers!

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  • Japan is a country well known for having amazing food, although usually when people think Japan they instantly think seafood. However if your not a big fan of seafood, whether it’s the taste, look or an allergy then there is good news! There are plenty of great foods for you to try and that, you guessed it, doesn’t contain any seafood. So, here are my top three, make sure to try them on your travels!

    1. Tonkatsu


    Now tonkatsu would have to be one of my all-time favourite things to eat when travelling around Japan. It’s a crumbed deep-fried pork loin or cutlet that is served with shredded cabbage. It also usually is served next to rice and miso soup but that does vary from restaurant to restaurant and can often be requested if they don’t already ask you if you’d like it on the side. If your not a big fan of pork then there is a chicken version also known as chicken katsu. You can generally find both on the menu but just know that not all restaurants offer both types so always be sure to check before you order by either asking the lovely staff or looking for pictures or name on the menu.

    2. Ramen


    Now ramen is an incredibly versatile dish and chefs spend years of their lives perfecting their own unique broth that makes them stand out from other ramen chefs. It is also a dish that offers a massive variety of different types of flavours which can make it a very easy choice for those who aren’t keen seafood fans. The most popular types of ramen come with chicken, pork or plain miso. It is basically a noodles-in-broth dish that has extras added to it for more flavour which allows you to try a different variety for every day if you wanted to. A fun fact with ramen is that it is a great hangover cure as opposed to McDonalds or other unhealthy foods. So if you’ve been out with friends then why not suggest grabbing some tasty ramen afterwards.

    3. Okonomiyaki

    This dish is known as a savoury style pancake that is made with a mixture of all sorts of fillings. There is a variety of little restaurants dedicated to offering only okonomiyaki, and on their menus, you will find different combinations of fillings to fulfil anyone’s tastebuds. If you feel a tad overwhelmed when looking at the menu then its always best to ask what the chef’s recommendation is and you are bound to get something tasty otherwise go with the one that looks most appealing. Personally, I always go for one that contains some form of cheese and chicken, it’s always pretty tasty especially when covered with sauce or some kewpie mayonnaise. Delicious.

    So, there you have it, make sure you give my three favourite non-seafood dishes a try during your travel adventures around Japan!

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