Otaku take their Passion to the Extreme: Would You Do this to Your Car?

  • The Japanese otaku culture is probably one of the most fun, creative and downright trendiest sights to see in Japan, and it’s no wonder it has become yet, another great reason for travelers to visit the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’.

    The ultimate otakus in the country go into great depth with their love of anime, manga or even idols, and at times will reach a point where they ‘cough up’ a few hundred or thousands of yen to testify for it. However, the most painful and wallet-emptying way is the ‘itasha’.

    Background of the Itasha

    Colorful, funky and bold are three words to describe the itasha trend. Undeniably visible on the streets of Akihabara, many itasha car owners park on the street sides to display their beloved make-over cars. Itasha, is a combination of two Japanese words, 痛車 (Ita & Sha) which means painful and car. If you were to itasha your car, I guess you would understand why they have given it that name. Not only would it take a huge amount of guts to decal your car but also a lot of money to do so!

    It appears as street advertising by an ordinary fan of famous Japanese anime, manga characters or even idols. This has now become a popular interest among many travelers that want to take a glimpse of these cool cars. So, if you’re strolling around in Akihabara over the weekend, you are likely to see these itasha cars being driven around. On top of that, there’s also a place where you can see more of them!

    Check Out the Akihabara UDX Parking Garage!

    If you want to see more of these itasha cars then check out the Akihabara UDX Parking Garage. You’ll see a wide range and variety of ordinary to amazing itasha cars! You can view the cars without any fee, besides parking if you bring your own car.

    So now there’s no reason to miss out on seeing itasha cars once you’re in Japan! Just take the time to roam around Akihabara or go check out the cars parked at Akihabara UDX Parking and immerse yourself in Japan’s awesome otaku culture!


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