Visit Osaka’s PL Peace Tower: A Perfect Symbol of World Peace and ’Life as an Art’

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  • PL Peace Tower is a unique architectural structure standing in Tondabayashi, Japan. It is about 600 feet high and is owned by the Church of Perfect Liberty, a new religious movement founded by Tokuharu Miki in 1924. It is a cenotaph tower built in August 1970 for world war victims to pray for peace.

    The Concept of the Tower


    The concept of the tower is based on the teachings of Perfect Liberty (PL) that “Life is an Art.” Every person in this world was born different from the rest with unique personalities and individuality which creates the nature of true art. The tower indicates the souls of those who died in all war history. This is regardless of nationality, color, region, creed and even religion. Apart from this, it is also used as a tomb for the unidentified bodies of war victims. A shrine is enclosed in it where you can find the names of all perished souls of war and is stored in a golden container.

    How the Tower was Formed


    The tower is visibly white in color and shaped like a finger pointing towards the sky which symbolizes world peace. It also has a special religious meaning of a revelation that “the truth is one.” It was originally designed with clay but was later on used with a Shotcrete Technique where concrete or mortar is conveyed in a hose and sprayed onto the surface. It is extremely resistant to earthquakes due to its low center of gravity and can also be tilted as much as 45 degrees.


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    The tower is also a site for popular fireworks displays in Japan which occurs every 1st of August. The event is called “PL Art of Fireworks” and held in commemoration of the founder. Another ceremony is done on August 1st where participants pray for world peace.

    PL Peace Tower is definitely one of the historical towers to visit in Japan. It doesn’t only exude in artistic physique but also as a symbol for world peace.

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